Sunday, 26 May 2013

Mixed seed bars topped with raw chocolate

Goodness, goodness goodness! These treats are jam packed full of it. If you are looking for something nutritious for the kids lunches or your own lunch time treats, then you might like this mixed seed bar topped with raw chocolate. I'm in love with the texture (and flavour) of these little treats. Crunching into the raw cacao nibs (uncooked cocoa bean for those who aren't sure what they are) is texture heaven! These little bitter nibs among the sweet fruity flavours of

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Lemon, coconut & goji berry slice

After discovering how good goji berries are for you, I wanted to incorporate them more into my diet.  I must mention here that I'm not a big fan of their very distinctive flavour so I wanted to disguise them and I thought what better way than to hide them under one of my favourite flavours, lemons.
I also thought lemons and goji berries have a bit of a synergy and would work well together. So I searched for the very tasty lemon slice I once used to make and

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Broccoli and leek arancini (Rissotto) balls

Eating broccoli in season is so different to when it's not! The heads of the broccoli are usually much darker green, the florets are usually firmer and crisper. Broccoli is traditionally a winter food, this is when the price comes down and all things broccoli begin to appear on dinner tables everywhere.  It's such a wonderful versatile food. Some of my favourite dishes are broccoli soup, broccoli, roasted garlic & black olive risotto and I love putting it in any dish that is filled with vegetables, like